Founded in 1997 with a deep root in Hong Kong, Asia One Printing has been adhering to our promise of “Made in Hong Kong”.

With our own local printing house, Asia One Printing guarantees immediate response to customers’ appeals and ensures efficient and high quality service, which has been highly recognized by numerous oversea and local customers.

Asia One Printing has integrated a comprehensive spectrum of expertise in printing, publishing, copywriting, editing, translation, graphic design, colour management, typesetting, distribution, logistics and marketing under the same roof.

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing by Asia One

Complementing our offset printing capabilities are our state-of- the-art digital printing services – ideal for short to medium print runs, and offering a near-limitless scope for customisation.

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Offset Printing


Asia One Printing Ltd. is renowned for the quality of its printing. Whether the task is short run or long run, our round-the-clock offset printing solutions guarantee cost-effective, premium quality output. To complement out offset printing, we also offer printing service with the latest digital printing technologies.

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Colour Management & Output

Asia One Graphic Ltd. is a top rated output centre with 24-hour round-the-clock operation. We have the latest output software and hardware technology, including Computer-to-Plate (CTP) and state-of-art digital work flow system to ensure that your design gets the exact reproduction results you expected.

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Unlike many local printers, we have our own in-house binding, lamination, folding, stitching, and finishing facilities, which provide our clients with the benefits of convenience, speed, quality and competitiveness in one complete package.

At Asia One, mailing, shipping and fulfilment are executed completely in-house and are semi-automated, without wasting valuable transfer time. Our promise is that we have the labour power as well as machine power to help you finish off the last step of your communication needs... to bring your printed message to your customers’ hands.

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Asia One Printing Limited is a member of Asia One Communications Group

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